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Steve Meadows and I had fun--I mentioned he was a Georgia boy, too. There were so many good-looking guys in those early days that I felt like the character man. Charlie Bateman was a solid actor, and a really good guy. He could handle prodigious amounts of dialogue.
One thing that strikes me about these scenes is the sheer length of them--it really gave us time to build a dramatic arc into the scenes. The workload could be daunting, but I was in the full throes of my acting addiction at the time, and never really minded.

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Notice the collapsed post-earthquake Atrium set. The directors were ecstatic. They could finally get cameras inside of our largest set...
The small black child is actually a young Kobe Bryant. Just kidding.

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Robin Wright. I think if she'd had some looks, she could've had a career.

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I don't remember spending so much time in Peter's hospital room. But the Channing murder was our biggest story that first year. It didn't resolve until the May sweeps in 1985...
Again, the long scenes. We'd get home at ten or eleven, and have to be back at 7:30 the next morning, with just as much dialogue. I don't know how we did it...

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Aha. We start to see some of what made Mason so loveably hateable...
Charlie Bateman continues to deliver steady work in spite of a daunting workload. He was actually the 4th CC Capwell, following Lloyd Bochner (who never aired due to a health problem), Peter Mark Richman, and Paul Burke.

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