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retro week 210

last week 22

Week 23

Again with the soliloquies...I actually like the work in the first scene, though I hated the 'please love me' theme. You can tell the show was short that day--they never let you take that much time with alcohol otherwise...I loved scenes where I had a lot of camera time, but didn't have to learn lines...(Coma's were the best--you didn't even have to come in until noon, and you could keep the bottom half of your street clothes on. I actually fell asleep during someone's tearful monologue over me one time.) I'm not sure, but Santana's leaving may have been to facilitate the re-cast...

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Marcy was an interesting girl. Really good actress. I always thought Eden and Mason had a fun sort of chemistry, but I never could sell TPTB on an incest storyline. We were only half brother and sister...I also asked for a storyline with Missy Brennan. I thought it would be hilariously inappropriate--can you imagine Mason looking at a Boy George poster? (For those of you old enough to remember Boy George...)

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Again with the soliloquies--a little strange talking to yourself in the mirror, but the training came in handy for the Sonny Sprockett stuff way down the road. I don't remember much about the Veronica storyline, except that it ends badly for her. I don't think it was ever meant to be a serious love interest for Mason. The very talented Michael Swann has more to do this time.

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Nice development stuff with Mason in this one. I love CC calling me violent. He used to hit me every other week...
But listen to the words--really miss that writing.

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Aha. Vivid memory of this scene, because a major blooper came out of it. The first time I broke the bottle to threaten CC with, it all broke except for a tiny part of the neck that was still in my hand. I had hoped to look like Burt Lancaster holding off Earnest Borgnine in "From Here to Eternity"...It doesn't look like I had much more bottle for the take that wound up on air...

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