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retro week 214

last week 25

Week 26

Todd (Ted) was always having to stand around looking surprised at things. He played clueless extremely well. He was nowhere near as ingenuous as his character...

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Boy, old CC sure was hard to please. And what is Louise Sorel wearing on her head. She looks like an upscale flower child....

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Louise was always creative with her hair and hats. My fatigue is showing through in the second clip--not surprising. We'd sometimes shoot 'til late in the evening, and have to be back at 7:30 the next morning. Not much time for a personal life, and it was hard to sleep after 12 cups of coffee and 14 hours on a soundstage. As for the 3rd clip--not Judith McConnell's best look...Beau Billingsly again in the police station.

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The plot thickens...and the work was getting surreal. I remember that the stage was so crowded with sets one time, that they'd inserted the police station set inside of the Capwell living room. Late one taping day, I remember leaving the station, and finding myself in my living room. I was genuinely disoriented for a second. Then I realized I wasn't in my living room, but on a soundstage in Burbank. I'd had a lot of coffee...

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Can you tell the show was short this day? I actually wrote the top of the scene--they said, "We need to stretch this scene". I suggested they play the Crosby song, and offered to wander around the penthouse looking lonely. East Carlo (Santana's father) was a wonderful actor, who later played Capulet (Juliet's dad) in my 1990 production of Romeo and Juliet. I had set it in colonial California. Paul Johannsen (later my bastard brother) played Romeo.

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