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Mid-Fight (poem)
03/11/12 at 18:51:59
It’s like we’re seeing Mason and CC in the middle of an argument, Mason is losing, CC goes in for the kill and then Julia appears to save the day :)

Trapped in an avalanche of a vicious word-filled assault
Sticks and stones don’t work anymore I guess
We are bulls in a fight
Staring at one another, gauging each other’s every move
Two grown men standing stock still, rigid with rage
I need time to think of a reply, a witty caustic comeback of sorts
Then you take a few steps forward
And release the hounds of hell on your firstborn
I need a barrier, a shield, something . . .
I take a step back, place a hand behind me and encounter the wall
Ahhh sweet relief, to lean back and be able to have something to hold me up
As Daddy Dearest barrages me continually
With his glacial stare and his toxic tongue
No child should have to withstand this (or any) type of abuse
And then she enters
She, who is my Defender, my wife and my life
And so the battle shifts and reforms
And suddenly . . . you lose your footing
Be careful dad, a lawyer’s bite is worse than a lawyer’s bark
You try to regroup and lean in for the kill
She swoops forward and blindsides you
She frequently does that to me, dad
It’s odd to see her in action against you

Like the pro she is she takes full advantage of your Achilles heal
Namely: me
You were so focused on thrashing me
You did not expect Her
And her anger is vast and boundless
She vaporizes you in seconds
Leaving your pride in shreds
And leaving me with jaw agape

You take what remains of your sense of self-importance and your arrogance
Leaving with a brooding stare
While promises of future repercussions hang in the air
And then you are gone
And she who I call wife and lover comes to me
Embracing me in her arms
Providing me with much needed comfort
“I’m here”, she says as she envelopes me in her arms
I lean into her and hold her as tightly as I can.
“Thank you.”
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