"No, the ladies I get are too often my younger brother's rejects..." ~Santa Barbara, 7/30/84

That is how the televison viewing public was introduced to Mason Capwell, and in turn his portrayer Lane Davies. After a short lived stint as Dr. Evan Whyland on "Days of Our Lives", and a burgeoning film career, Davies joined the cast of the new NBC soap opera "Santa Barbara" in 1984. Lane's acting career started years before that auspicious introduction of Mason though.

Born July 31, 1950 in Dalton, Georgia, Lane Davies comes from a family with strong ties to the world of performing His father, Bill was a radio announcer and his mother Emily had long standing ties to the community theatre in Dalton. In fact, his whole family, including his three brothers were always involved with theatre. Lane spent his youth helping build sets for local productions, but the acting bug finally hit Lane in his sophomore year of high school. He performed a three page soliliquy that left the audience blown away and cheering for more.

Lane started performing professionally in dinner theatres while pursuing a degree in Speech and Theatre from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN.

After graduation, he continued his pursuit of a career in theatre, and eventually made his way west to Los Angeles where he landed his first onscreen job in a 1977 episode of "CHiPs". He made his feature film debut in 1978 in "The Magic of Lassie." After appearing in several TV Movies of the Week, his first big break came in 1981 when he joined the cast of "Days of Our Lives" as Dr. Evan Whyland.

Lane's character was heavily involved in a surrogate baby storyline with Suzanne Rogers' Maggie. Evan's wife had died tragically, and despite story, he tended to mope his way through life. Even Davies admits the character never really clicked with the story or audiences and the character lasted less than a year.

The first of Lane's two career defining roles came in 1984 as an original cast member of NBC's new and innovative "Santa Barbara" in the role of Mason Capwell. Mason was the eldest of the Capwell children, and became a lawyer despite his family's business. He witnessed the death of his pregnant fiancee Mary Duvall, who was pregnant with his child, when the 'C' from the sign of his family's hotel crushed her.

He then entered into a "baby contract" with colleague and fellow attorney Julia Wainwright. (Nancy Lee Grahn) This pairing proved to be complicated and wildly popular. The coupling produced a daughter and several years of romance, tears, angst and joy. Mason endured a split personality, a drinking problem, and loveless marriage to a woman who was pregnant with another man's child.

Lane and co-star Nancy Lee Grahn had explosive chemistry and propelled Mason and Julia beyond expectations. A pairing that wasn't supposed to last became one of the cornerstones of the Santa Barbara story framework.

Lane left the "Santa Barbara" in 1989 after being creatively exhausted and took time for himself to travel Europe and then marry longtime girlfriend Holly. Most notably, he had the time to devote to the flourishment of his newly established Santa Susana Repertory Company.

One of the things his time at "Santa Barbara" had always accomodated was his desire to have his summers free to participate in the annual Georgia Shakespeare Festival. Lane appeared in many productions with them including starring roles in "Twelfth Night", "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Taming of the Shrew". He also directed a production of "A Midsummer's Night Dream".

During his tenure on "Santa Barbara" he also made several appearances with theatre companies in Los Angeles, with turns in productions of "Macbeth" and "Cyrano de Bergerac". He stepped into the role of director for a staging of "Taming of the Shrew". Additional theatre credits are peppered with various Shakespearean productions like "Hamlet", "Henry V" and "Julius Caesar", as well as more contemporary works such as "Inherit the Wind" and "Ah Wilderness!".

In addition to being a highly accomplished thespian, Lane has amassed an impressive resume of television and film credits. With over 40 guest starring credits to his name he's been fortunate enough to create a few standout characters. Most notably, Chancellor Duncan on "3rd Rock From the Sun", Dr. Simon Reid on NBC's new hit "Scrubs", and the second of his two career defining roles, Tempus on "Lois and Clark:The New Adventures of Superman". Most recently, Lane teamed with Shelley Long and June Lockhart on Mel Gibson's "Complete Savages".

Tempus played a major role in the Lois and Clark universe by being the person who finally told Lois the true identity of Clark Kent in one of the most memorable lines of "L&C" history. "Hello! DUH. Clark Kent IS Superman!" In fact, the character of Tempus was so wildly popular, fans voted him favorite villan over Lex Luthor.The character allowed Lane to showcase his dry humour and wit and it was a perfect fit from actor to role.

Lane made a brief return to daytime in 1993 as a six week replacement for Ron Moss in "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Ridge Forrester. In 2002, Lane once again returned to daytime, joining the cast of "General Hospital" as irreverent psychiatrist Dr. Cameron Lewis. His character met an untimely death, but Lane was able to flex his acting muscles with GH vet Tony Geary.

Lane recently resurrected his one man show "Crockett by Himself" in a two night performance in Crossville, Tennessee. He presently serves as artistic director of the Santa Susana Repertory Company. Lane also works with the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company in association with SSRC which is dedicated to bringing Shakespeare to the masses.

As well as staying active in the theatre, Lane spends his relaxation time fishing. Lane splits his time between LA and Georgia. He has two sons from his marriage to Holly, Thatcher Lee and Nathan Hamilton.